Rooms for events

The rooms of the University of Tartu can be used for a variety of events such as seminars, training courses or conferences. You can book the room you need via the links below. 

Please keep in mind that the University of Tartu does not allow for its premises to be used for any event or activity that is not suitable in its essence for the room or building as well as for political and religious propaganda that may have a negative impact on the reputation of the University. 

Assembly Hall 

The Assembly Hall of the main building of the University of Tartu is the University’s most beautiful room with its classicist beauty and simplicity. The main building was opened in 1809, and the major events and anniversaries in the University’s life have been celebrated there since then. The excellent acoustics and spaciousness of the Assembly Hall also make it a great venue for concerts and conferences. There are 470 seats in the hall and the chairs can be rearranged. 

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White Hall of the University Museum 

The White Hall of the Museum of the University of Tartu is one of the most important halls of the University, where various events from concerts and conferences to theatre performances, jubilees and weddings are held. 

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Art Museum 

The Art Museum in the main building of the University offers halls with Pompeii style wall paintings for events. The rare, 19th-century interior makes the hall an excellent venue for interesting and unique events. The Museum’s halls are perfect for book presentations, get-togethers after conferences, Christmas parties and much more. 

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Conference Centre of the Library 

The University Library is a modern academic environment suitable for conferences, meetings and seminars. In addition to conference halls, there are auditoriums for 20-60 people and a computer classroom. 

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Tartu Observatory 

The arched cellar, clock room, Western hall, tower and balcony of the Tartu Observatory, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, can be used for smaller events. 

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Sõbra House 

It’s possible to rent the party hall for student events and parties (for up to 100 people), the bar room for course evenings, birthday parties, etc. (for up to 35 people), the exercise hall with a stage for aerobics and exercise classes, theatre rehearsals, etc. and the conference hall (for up to 35 people) of Sõbra House from Tartu Üliõpilasmaja. 

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University of Tartu Academic Sports Club

The University of Tartu Academic Sports Club offers the possibility to rent ball-game courts, the athletics hall, the University of Tartu stadium and training facilities, as well as rooms for business meetings and conferences.

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Delta Academic and Research Building 

You can rent rooms for short-term use in the Delta Academic and Research Building (Narva mnt 18, Tartu). If interested, please send an e-mail to


The auditoriums in the main building and other academic buildings of the University can be rented out when not needed for academic purposes and by agreement with the institute that organises the use of the room. 

Please submit a written booking request to the owner of the room at least one week before you need the auditorium. In your request, please give the name and contact details of the person requesting the room, the purpose of use, the time and date of use and the equipment you would like to use. 

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