UT Junior Research Fellow Rudolf Bichele awarded Supervisor of the Year title

On 14 October the Ministry of Education and Research acknowledged the educational staff and supporters of education at the “Eestimaa õpib ja tänab” (“Estonia studies and expresses gratitude”) gala. Awards were given out in 14 categories.

Mailis Reps expressed her joy over the fact that starting this year, teachers are acknowledged at state-initiated educational award galas. "Appropriately for a country that is celebrating its 100th birthday, for the first time the state is rewarding the best teachers and educational staff. The winners have been chosen from over 1,300 candidates, who are all the top experts in their field, and outstanding and dedicated professionals.

I am proud of you and recognise your daily work as both a grateful parent and the Minister," Reps declared.

The Supervisor of the Year title was awarded to Rudolf Bichele, an assistant for the Human Biology Chair and a junior researcher at the Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine. Student Hanna-Riina Allas, who Bichele has supervised in preparation for the Natural Sciences Olympiad, was also happy about the recognition: "Bichele has great teaching skills as a supervisor and a good sense of humour."

Agda Grahv, department coordinator and lecturer at UT Viljandi Culture Academy's department of cultural education, was one of the three nominees in the Lecturer of the Year category.