Visual Media Service

Recording and live streaming of events 

Conferences, ceremonies, concerts, public lectures 

The Visual Media Service provides technical services for hybrid conferences, ceremonies, concerts and public lectures. Based on the venue of the event, we identify the technical and other needs and put together a team. We also offer the possibility of studio recording or live streaming from our studio. 


  • Live streaming in a virtual environment suitable for the client (up to three cameras, up to eight cameras in the UT assembly hall) 
  • Camera operator's service 
  • Sound and video editing service 
  • Streaming engineer's service 
  • Management of video projection and presentations 
  • Management of virtual speakers 
  • Online transmission of sound and presentation images 
  • Event recording 

Video production 

Promotional videos, branding videos, training videos, aftermovies 

The Visual Media Service provides technical video production services. We do not generally develop the script for a video production. Our team is willing to contribute ideas, but we do expect the client to have a clear understanding of the purpose and content of the video. 


  • Discussing and confirming the concept and script  
  • Drawing up a shooting schedule and organising the necessary equipment and staff  
  • Shooting, including sound recording in the studio 
  • Editing, including graphics and consultation with the client 

Photo services 

The photographer of the Visual Media Service offers a wide range of photo services, from taking photos of events such as ceremonies and conferences to portraits and product photography. The latter can be done in the photo studio of the Visual Media Service. 


  • Taking photos 
  • Post-processing 
  • Describing and archiving photos related to the University of Tartu in a database 

Audio services 

The audio specialist of the Visual Media Service offers a wide range of audio services: audio for ceremonies, conferences and other events, sound recording and digitisation of old audio recordings. It is possible to use the studio of the Visual Media Service for sound recording. 


  • Sound services 
  • Sound recording 
  • Post-processing of audio files 
  • Audio amplification 
  • Digitisation of old audio recordings 
  • Describing and archiving audio files related to the University of Tartu in a database

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