Research cooperation opportunities and professional development

Internationally excellent research requires good networking and mobility opportunities between research institutions and sectors of society. The University of Tartu participates in a number of strategic partnerships and collaborative networks that broaden our researchers’ opportunities for networking, professional development and participation in international projects.



Mobility grants for academic staff

International research collaboration partnerships

Intersectoral cooperation

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UT Centre for Sustainable Development facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation

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University of Tartu-led consortium embarks on European Galactic Astronomy project


Doctoral defence: Ekaterina Iaschuk “Творчество М.Н. Загоскина в процессе формирования русской национальной идеологии”

On 19 December at 14:15 Ekaterina Iaschuk will defend her doctoral thesis „Творчество М.Н. Загоскина в процессе формирования русской национальной идеологии".