Block mode study takes place in distance learning until the end of December

At its meeting on Tuesday, 2 November, the University of Tartu Rector’s Office decided that block mode study will be organised in distance learning until the end of December.  

The reason for the decision is the critical situation in Estonian hospitals due to the spread of COVID-19. As block-mode students come together from all over Estonia and usually do not permanently live in the place of study, it increases the risk of spreading the virus. 

The university tries to keep regular study in the face-to-face format as long as possible, although large lectures are held online. At institutes where it is not possible to apply all measures to limit the spread of the virus, the head of institute has the right to make institute-based decisions regarding the organisation of studies. Exceptions must be approved by the university's vice rector for academic affairs.

Students can get the most accurate information about the organisation of studies in their specialisation from their institute. 

To prevent the spread of the virus, all people (incl. vaccinated people) must wear the mask in the university’s buildings. Large gatherings must be avoided, and also the events marking the anniversary of Estonia’s national university (incl. the torchlight procession) are cancelled.  

The most up-to-date COVID-19-related information is available on the university’s website

Further information: Tõnis Karki, Academic Secretary, University of Tartu, 529 7917,