Book project on Japanese-Estonian relations achieves unexpected success

Japanese and Estonian historians plan to write a book about the relations between Japan and Estonia throughout history. The joint book project sought funding via the Japanese crowdfunding platform Academist, where the target amount was raised in just three days.

Masunaga Shingo (Turku University) and Ene Selart (University of Tartu) plan to write a book about the Japanese-Estonian relations throughout history. The book plans to cover the relations between the two nations from the earliest contacts to the present day: from the naval circumnavigation of the globe by the Baltic German admiral and explorer A. J. von Krusenstern in 1803–1806, which also reached Japan, to the visit of the Estonian President to the enthronement ceremony of His Majesty the Emperor Naruhito last year.

To support the writing and publishing of the book, the authors started a crowdfunding project at the Japanese website Academist (, which specialises in raising funds for scientific research and publishing. We are delighted to announce that with the kind help of Japanese supporters, the target amount was gathered already within the first three days of the campaign. Those interested can follow the book project and read interesting facts about the mutual history of Japan and Estonia on Twitter (

The authors would like to express their deepest gratitude and respect for all the well-wishers and supporters. The project is also supported by the University of Tartu Asia Centre, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Japan in Estonia. 

More information:
Heidi Maiberg; Head of Communication
University of Tartu Asia Centre