Hundreds of ideas generated at Idea Storm in honor of Estonia’s birthday

On 22nd of February the 4th Idea Storm brought a few hundred people together in Tartu generate a hundred new ideas.

The conversations in the event were led by 22 topic experts who helped young people to think innovative solutions to problems in table topic areas. „Space as a Service“ was selected the best idea of the evening – an idea to predict food demand with satellites and give the gathered data to farmers to meet the demand. It was created by the people discussing the topic “What is going to be the next "killer" app based on satellite data?“, led by Andrus Kurvits, Tartu Science Park leader.

Participant Sascia Assak from Tallinn Arte Gymnasium was very happy with her experience from this year: “Idea Storm was one of the most expected events because of the great emotion I got from it last year. Topics we had the opportunity to discuss about were all very interesting. What I liked the most is that there were so many interesting people together with whom you could network/change contacts with or just spend some great time together. Definitely recommend taking part in this amazing event. “

The “Tartu 2024 - For European Capital of Culture“ project’s core team Erni Kask and Kalle Paas were also heading a topic and were very satisfied with the feedback the event provided. “My table’s students from Russia, Ukraine and France all brought up so many great things about Tartu: museums, theatres, events, places where to eat and also clean air, a lot of greenery. They also said that Tartu’s problem is that it’s not well-known in the world. We have this great city that needs more marketing so that even more people from all around the world could come here,“ Kalle Paas said. He added that the ideas discussed at Idea Storm will definitely affect Tartu 2024 vision and some of them might make it to the candidate's book that will be completed this year.

More information about Idea Storm and all future IdeaLab events can be found on the IdeaLab website.

The Idea Storm event was funded by European Social Fund.

Contact: Riin Lisett Rei, UT IdeaLab marketing and communication manager, 737 4817,