Interruptions in IT services during last two weeks of the year

Due to the reconstruction of the academic building at Lossi 3, the university’s central IT infrastructure are moved to other server rooms from 21 to 31 December. This will cause interruptions in IT services.

The most extensive interruption will be on 29 December between 5 and 8 in the morning, when the university’s firewalls and other systems are moved. During these hours it is not possible to use the university’s IT services or university-related IT services.

Other scheduled interruptions take place as follows:

  • On 21 December 13:00–17:00, Tartu Observatory’s IT services and the website cannot be used, and problems may occur in the operation of the university’s internal information systems (SIS1, Finance web, Salary web, Leave schedule, etc.).
  • On 28 December 13:00–17:00, it is not possible to use the Panopto lecture recording service and UTTV services.
  • On 29 December 05:00–08:00, the university’s IT services cannot be used. Furthermore, there may be problems with logging in to computers and using Office 365 e-mail services.

For updated information about interruptions on 21–31 December, please check the wiki page on IT operational information.

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Arvutiabi iseteenindusportaalist saab abi teistele infotehnoloogia teenustega seotud küsimustele. 

The IT self-service portal provides help with other questions related to information technology services.

Further information: University of Tartu IT helpdesk, 737 5500,