IT Law Conference on Legal Technology

Conference takes place on May 26 at Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn.

ICT has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives both in personal and professional sphere. Technology both challenges and advances all business sectors. Legal sector is not untouchable to the effect of ICTs. However, it is more conservative than many other fields of consultation business as lawyers seem to be less inviting regarding change to their billable-hour-oriented business models. 

However, technology is quickly changing how the provision of legal services takes place as well as how law firms manage their everyday practice. Most of the disruption tends to come from the experts in other business sectors, for example computer engineers or business people who are the users of legal services and want to change the industry. This is combined with a tremendous and increasing amount of legal research ongoing in many universities on different technologies that could have a substantial impact on the legal sector and the legal profession. According to Professor Richard Susskind the legal profession will change dramatically in the next two decades. 

At the IT Law Conference we will introduce and discuss some of the most intriguing topics related to how ICTs influence law and the legal sector.

University of Tartu IT Law Programm will also present the projects of the IT Law Lab, which have been developed in cooperation between the IT Law Programme of the University of Tartu, the Bar Association of Estonia and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. 

The list of speakers includes:

  • Ülle Madise, Chancellor of Justice
  • Anna Ronkainen, TrademarkNow
  • Bradley Mitchell, Fondia
  • Priit Parmakson, Estonian Information System Authority
  • Ermo Täks, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Karmen Turk, Council of Europe, University of Tartu, Triniti Law Firm
  • Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva, University of Tartu
  • Anne Veerpalu, University of Tartu, NJORD Law Firm
  • Alex Norta, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Hannes Vallikivi, Estonian Bar Association, DERLING
  • Ave Piik, Estonian Bar Association, COBALT
  • Laura Kask, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Anti Kodar, Fondia
  • Risto Hübner, Nortal, Estonia Legal Hackers
  • Tanel Erik Podar, Fortumo
Please find the full agenda of the conference here. The conference will be held in the framework of Estonian ICT Week 2016.

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