New Professor of Liberal Arts is jewellery designer and graphic artist, Doctor of Arts Kärt Summatavet

On Wednesday, 5 June Ilmar Raag handed over his job as the current Professor of Liberal Arts of the University of Tartu to artist Kärt Summatavet, whose creative work is inspired by the mythological world view of Estonians and other Finno-Ugric peoples.

Dean of the UT Faculty of Arts and Humanities Margit Sutrop says that Kärt Summatavet is an excellent example of how research and creative work can be combined. “Research on the cultural heritage of Estonia has added depth and expressiveness to her jewellery creations,” said Sutrop.

The position of the professor of liberal arts in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has been created for the many-sided development of the intellectuality and creativity of members of the University of Tartu.

Further information: Maarja Nõmmik, Academic Affairs Specialist of UT Viljandi Culture Academy’s Centre for Arts, Chief Organiser of the Event, 737 5669,