One Gold and Four Silver Medals from IPhO

In the end of July, the International Physics Olympiad was held in Estonia and Tartu for the first time. The Estonian team was also successful, all the team members won a medal. The gold medal was won by Jaan Toots, who had just come back from the International Biology Olympiad with another gold before competing in Tartu. 

Estonian team at IPhO

Altogether 378 pupils from 80 countries took part in the 43rd International Physics Olympiad. 45 gold, 71 silver and 92 bronze medals were given out in total.

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The Gifted and Talentented Development Centre of the University of Tartu ( coordinates the olympiads held in Estonia and prepares pupils for international competitions.

Additional information: Viire Sepp, Head of University of Tartu Gifted and Talentented Development Centre, viire.sepp [ät]

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