Student Fair invites students to discover themselves

On Wednesday, 29 March, the fourth Student Fair will take place in the sports hall of Estonian University of Life Sciences, giving an opportunity to the students to meet their future employers and colleagues and find out something new about themselves.

Companies taking part in the fair not only give information at their exhibition stands but also instruct students in workshops. Students can participate in practical seminars, where entrepreneurs from different areas speak about ideas and skills that are useful professionally, possible changes in the labour market, and setting goals on one’s way to realising their dreams.

Workshops are offered at the fair by Kodumaja AS, AS Ehitustrust, HANZA Mechanics Tartu AS, Viasat AS and Tele 2 Eesti AS. The workshops aim to introduce the company’s activities, offered solutions or production processes to the students. Additionally, students can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in discussing topical problems to the entrepreneurs. Topics of the workshops are available on the Student Fair’s home page at

“This year the speakers and seminar topics have been chosen primarily to ensure that young people studying at the university could learn something and gain clarity about themselves. We help people analyse their future directions and ways to make their dreams come true,” said Ave Rosenberg, one of the Student Fair project managers, about the specific nature of this year’s seminars.

 “Besides the meaningful seminars, also the panel discussion on entrepreneurship “I am my own boss!” will definitely be exciting. We hope we can make students think whether they could be their own employers. The pannellists are three entrepreneurs, who talk mainly about entrepreneurship and becoming an entrepreneur as a career option,” said the other project manager Tõnis Petersell.

To take part in workshops and seminars, it is necessary to register in advance HERE
Entrance is FREE
Bring along a friend and your CV, and see what your future prospects might be!

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