Tiksu – the mascot of the University of Tartu – greeted students at the opening of the academic year

Today, at the opening of the academic year of the University of Tartu in front of the university’s main building, the mascot Tiksu met the university family for the first time. On Saturday, the new mascot was also present at the Rector’s Cup Golf Tournament.

The mascot’s mission is to motivate and support students during their academic journey, increase the cohesion of the university community, support the achievement of the university’s goals, and help popularise education and research.

At the opening event, Tiksu was presented by Katariina Sofia Päts, the President of the University of Tartu Student Union. Päts said that one of the key roles of Tiksu is to support students in their student life. “Tiksu will be cheering for students in their studies, at sports events, as well as during their everyday activities,” said Päts.  

On the first day of the academic year, Tiksu also visited the vaccination station set up in the main building, invited students to get vaccinated and follow safety guidelines. 

In the future, Tiksu will represent the university family at various events: the Open Doors Day, alumni get-together, sports days and the Rector’s Cup Golf Tournament, etc.  In addition, the mascot is a virtual character who helps communicate the university’s information and activities. 

The use of the mascot will be organised by a team of volunteers led by the university’s Marketing Unit. All students and staff of the University of Tartu are welcome to apply to become a volunteer. If you would like to try what it is like to be inside a mascot or to lead a team of volunteers, write to the Marketing Unit of the university at turundus@ut.ee

The University of Tartu mascot contest was held at the end of 2020. Among all submissions, the university family selected “Tiksu” by Lennart Rikk as the winning design.

Further information: Mariana Tulf, University of Tartu Specialist for Marketing, leader of the mascot project,  737 6271, mariana.tulf@ut.ee