University of Bordeaux invites students to participate in virtual intercultural exchange

This year, the University of Bordeaux is organising the second edition of the ENLIVE virtual intercultural exchanges, which are aimed to promote the participants’ communication skills and are open to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students of all the ENLIGHT partner universities.

Students from across the ENLIGHT network will meet regularly online to discuss a range of current issues like gender and education, disability in society, body image in social media, or, for example, science denial and anti-science movements. Supported by facilitators’, the students will design a social media campaign and deliver it to the target group.

The ENLIVE virtual exchanges will take place over six consecutive weeks from 8 November to 17 December. Students will meet virtually in groups of 8–12 for weekly conversations via Zoom. They can select the suitable dates and times at the time of registration.

To participate, students must apply by 19 October by sending the respective request to Five students of the University of Tartu will be able to participate in the ENLIVE meetings.

ENLIVE was developed within the ENLIGHT project and it is open for students of all nine ENLIGHT partner universities (Ghent University, University of Göttingen, University of Tartu, University of the Basque Country, University of Bordeaux, National University Ireland Galway, University of Groningen, Uppsala University, Comenius University Bratislava). 

For more information about the virtual exchange and the topics discussed, see ENLIGHT web.

Further information: Tiina Jaksman, ENLIGHT Project Manager, 737 6167,