University of Tartu students share experience of traineeship abroad

University of Tartu students who have completed traineeship abroad with the support of Erasmus+ programme share their experience in the blog and encourage other students to also participate in the programme.

The Erasmus+ traineeship programme offers an opportunity for students to complete traineeship in the member states of the European Union or other countries participating in the programme. Traineeship abroad provides students with international work experience, which in turn gives them a competitive advantage in the labour market.

The students sharing their experience in the blog recommend traineeship outside Estonia because it is a useful to see how work is organised in enterprises in other countries and to use knowledge obtained at the university in an actual working environment in a different cultural space. The Erasmus traineeship website helps you find a suitable traineeship place but also programme directors or supervisors of curricular traineeship can recommend one.

Read the traineeship blog and use the opportunities Erasmus offers for traineeship abroad. The next deadline to apply for Erasmus+ traineeship grant is 15 November.
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Further information: Piret Saluveer, Traineeship and Students Exchange Coordinator, Study Abroad Centre, Office of Academic Affairs, University of Tartu, +372 737 6019,