UT alumni get-together is renowned around the world as a new performer wants to participate: Latvian cult band Brainstorm (April Fool's joke)

On 18 May, the University of Tartu’s biggest alumni get-together will take place. The get-together is about happy reunions and meetings, excursions, and concerts. The day will end with a large-scale alumni party where famous Estonian artists will perform. 

The new performer contacted the organizers to acknowledge the renowned event and to offer themselves as one of the artists for the evening party. “We are extremely pleased that the news from the big alumni get-together on 18 May has spread beyond Estonia. Latvia is our neighbour and many Latvian students have studied with us. Throughout history, a number of renowned Latvians have studied in Tartu, including folklorist Krišjānis Barons, poet and translator Eduards Veidenbaums, and writer Aleksandrs Grīns,” commented Karl Vetemaa, project manager for the alumni get-together.  

Renārs Kaupers, Brainstorm’s singer and songwriter, contacted the University of Tartu on his own initiative. It wasn’t related to the get-together, though. Kaupers was researching his great-great grandfather’s life story. Kaupers' ancestors were probably Baron Friedrich von Stuart from Courland (1761–1842) and Immanuel Kant's niece Henrietta Kant. The University of Tartu’s archives revealed that Kaupers’ great-great grandfather studied medicine in Tartu. Upon hearing about the forthcoming alumni get-together, Renars Kaupers was happy to perform at the party.

Neighbours from the south can attend the get-together completely free of charge. In addition, free buses from all over Latvia are being organized, and accommodation is also free of charge. Brainstorm's vocalist will spend the third weekend of May in the student lock-up, just as many students did years ago.

“Renārs Kaupers and other members of Brainstorm are not our alumni, but we are very glad to see them in Tartu,” added Vetemaa.

The paid tickets for the alumni get-together can be bought at Piletilevi in Estonia and free tickets at BilesuServiss in Latvia.