The high international title was granted to Prof. Mikelsaar in recognition for her work in developing the patented probiotic bacterium lactobacillus fermentum ME-3. The European Union Women Inventors and Innovators Network (EUWIIN) was created in the European Parliament on 6th February 2007. More than 200 nominees representing almost all EU member states were put forward for the titles. The selection of the laureates was performed by an international jury.

According to Ms Mikelsaar, the honorary title should be seen as a recognition of not only her work but of that of her entire team who participated in the work on ME-3. ”Of course, it is an important recognition to the University of Tartu and to biomedicine. It is also a sign showing that the cooperation between the University and a commercial producer in creating the Dr. Hellus series has been a success and has made a contribution to the society,” Dr Mikelsaar said. In addition to an Estonian and a Russian patent, ME-3 has also secured a patent in the U.S.

Close to a thousand women world business leaders and professionals, heads and members of governments, political figures and economists, scientists and creative artists will convene in Berlin for the summit to exchange experience and to search for ideas to promote social and economic development in the world. The summit will include the first EUWIIN conference, an exhibition of the laureates’ inventions and the ceremonial conferment of the titles. Prof. Mikelsaar will travel to Berlin to receive the awards together with the co-authors of ME-3 Ms Tiiu Kullisaar and Ms Epp Songisepp.

In addition to Prof. Mikelsaar, the honorary title was also granted to Ms Kärt Summatavet, jewellery artist and Extraordinary Professor of the Estonian Academy of Arts for her innovative approach to jewellery. Professor Summatavet will give a lecture in Berlin to introduce her invention.

Additional information: Ms Anne-Mari Rannamäe, non-profit corporation QUIN-Estonia, phone +372 523 5364, e-mail: quinest@hot.ee

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