Arrangement of studies

The University of Tartu is the largest provider of continuing education in Estonia and offers courses of different volume and duration in all areas of the university’s competence.

  • educational sciences (teacher training and education science)
  • natural sciences (biological and environmental sciences, physical natural sciences)
  • exact sciences (computer science and information technology, mathematics and statistics)
  • medicine (clinical medicine, pharmacy, stomatology, nursing)
  • sports sciences
  • social sciences (journalism and communication, psychology, social sciences, law, business and administration)
  • humanities (humanities, languages and cultures, arts, music and theatre, theology)

There are several forms of study in continuing education:

The principles of continuing education at the University of Tartu are laid down in the following documents

For details of arrangement of studies see:

Continuing Education at the University of Tartu is coordinated by the Lifelong Learning Centre.

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