This archive page provides an overview of the past events of the ENLIGHT network. The list is incomplete and new information is added regularly. The overview of the events opens up in the bottom of the page. 

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2. Impact Award

3. Online lecture on circular economy and environment

4. Autumn courses

5. Research evaluation online workshop (RISE)

6. T&L Conference in Tartu 2024 - Call for proposals

7. ENLIGHT RISE Matchmaking event

8. Joint initiatives call 2024

9. Matchmaking event and leadership training

10. Call for proposals (T&L Conference)

11. Call for awards (T&L Conference)

12. Invitation to participate (T&L Conference) 

1. ENLIGHT Open Science Award

2. ENLIGHT Equity and Sustainability Transitions summer school for doctoral students'

3. ENLIGHT course Who Owns Religion

4. ENLIGHT Ancient World Winter School 

5. ENLIGHT Impact Award

6. ENLIGHT Research and Innovation Observatory (ENLIGHT Rise)

7. ENLIGHT online lecture on health and digitalization (Rise)

8. ENLIGHT thematic seminar "A just city"

9. ENLIGHT thematic seminar “A Just City: City Planning and Equity”

10. Application for autumn semester courses

11. Competence framework

12. Second European Dialogue in Galway

13. Toolkit for researchers (ENLIGHT Rise)

14. Open Science Award ceremony (ENLIGHT Rise)

15. RESET webinars 

16. Online lecture on AI and its impact on education

17. Virtual exchange collaboration trainings

18. Application for Mobility Award

19. Online workshop on academic careers

20. Online networking event

21. Online lecture on smart systems and robotics

22. Online workshop on the responsible evaluation of research and researchers

23. ENLIVE web course

24. Funding of the second phase of the ENLIGHT project

25. First ENLIGHT RISE and Arqus Open Science Ambassador webinar

1. ENLIGHT doctoral students’ virtual workshop on equity and sustainability

2. Networking skills online workshop for early career researchers (link opens in intranet) ENLIGHT RISE

3. ENLIGHT network online lecture “Equity in Science and Technology” 

4. Online workshop on the evaluation of research and researchers (link opens in intranet) ENLIGHT RISE

5. Online workshop on Digital Research Infrastructures (link opens in intranet) ENLIGHT RISE

6. The first ENLIGHT European Dialogue in Uppsala

7. ENLIGHT doctoral network's online course “Designing and Building a Critical State of the Art for Research” (link opens in intranet)

8. Online concert "The Four Seasons in (Climate) Change" 

9. Launch of ENLIGHT's Digital Course Catalogue

10. Second Teaching and Learning conference in Göttingen

11. Thematic online seminar “A Just City”

12. University of Bern joins ENLIGHT

1. SSEL Cluster Conference on Social Responsibility in Challenging Times

2. Winter school on artificial intelligence

3. Global Engagement Module 2021

4. Teaching and Learning conference in Ghent

5. Endorsing ENLIGHT Sustainability Engagement

6. Launch of ENLIGHT RISE collaboration project

7. ENLIGHT kick-off week

Soome lipp

RECORDING: President of Finland Alexander Stubb gave a speech about world politics and talked to students

Enlighti kaasatuse konkurss

University of Tartu students welcome to apply for ENLIGHT Inclusion Award 2024

Peahoone Ukraina lippudega

European Commission highlighted University of Tartu’s project to help Ukraine